Our services

Tailor-made specialized services

We provide services for the preparation to plant evaluation visits or plant purchase: we put in effect a precautionary evaluation of the inclusiveness of technical, administrative and legal documentation, we offer support for the preparation or management of GSE inspections;we also organize extraordinary maintenance and repowering; furthermore we provide operative backing to financial institues in cases of distressed assets. Proxima helps accountants, lawyers, curators and consultants engaged in the repossesion of non-performing plants or in case of bankruptcy of the owner.

  • Technical services for compliance to sector regulations;
  • Evaluation of inclusiveness of technical, administrative and legal documentation;
  • Preparation of documentation for GSE inspections;
  • Operative management support to inverstors in case of distressed assets.

A comprehensive and integrated set of services.

Financial Services - Management of Financing Agreements:

Financial Services - Management of the Financing Agreements
  • Refinancing

Financial services - Accounting, Financial Statements, Tax Management
  • Tax advisory services

Real Estate Management
  • Cadastral Update/IMU Update

  • Real Estate Extraordinary Activities Management

  • Check on Documentation

  • Data Room Preparation

Advisory Claim and Major Disputes
  • Major Disputes Management

Management of the Plants
  • Extraordinary Maintenance Activities Supervision

  • EPC & Project Management

  • Operation & Maintenance Strategy Definition

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Components Procurement

  • Agreements' Renegotiation/Tenders Management