Our services

Technical and Commercial Management

Our Asset Management services support the owner of the photovoltaic or wind plant not only for what concerns the supervision and monitoring of performances but also for every technical, administrative, contractual and financial issue as well as for compliance to current regulation.An experienced "control room" designed to manage the relations with every player involved in the energy market, such as maintenance technicians, insurance companies, surveillance companies, financial institutions, local authorities and land owners.

  • Overview and monitoring of plant perfomance;
  • Management of relations with counterparts in the contractual sector, with local authorities and land owners;
  • Administrative, financial, fiscal and accounting consultancy;
  • ICT Management.

A comprehensive and integrated set of services.

Services relative to Commercial Management activities:

Financial Services
  • Treasury

  • Cash flow management

Financial Services
  • Annual Budgeting and Cost Control

  • Financial Reporting to the Owner and to the Financing Entities

Financial Services
  • Financing/Lease Agreements Management

  • Financing Waiver

Financial Services
  • Accounting Support

  • Accounting

  • Corporate Management

  • Bookkeeping

  • Tax Management

  • Financial Statements and Audits

Real Estate Management
  • Real Estate Compliance Management

  • Health, Safety and Environment

  • Monitoring of Regulatory Updates

  • Documentation Management

Advisoy Claim
  • Claim Management

Incidents Management
  • Insurance Policy Management

  • Insurance Reimbursement Management

  • Reporting

Management of the Plants
  • O&M Agreements Management

  • Site Supervision

  • Preventive Maintenance Activities Supervision

  • Scheduling of Maintenance Activities

  • Security Agreements Management

  • O&M Agreements' Renewal

Performance Supervision
  • Monitoring of the Plants

  • Performance Analysis

  • Reporting

ICT Management
  • ICT Services Management

  • ICT Devices Management