Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy describes how this website is managed, with reference to management of the personal data of the users/visitors of the website, in accordance with Legistative Decree n. 196/2003 ("Codice privacy").

Policy and Disclosure

When not otherwise specified, this policy is to be understood also as a disclosure (in accordance with art. 13 of "Codice Privacy") for those who interact with the services offered by this website. When needed, more detailed disclosures are attached in the pages related to the offered services. Disclosures define limits and ways related to the management of data of each service; on the basis of such disclosures the visitor will be able to express consent and eventually authorize the collection of data and their subsequent use, when this will be necessary.

Area of interest of this policy

This Privacy Policy refers to this website and does not refer to other websites not managed by Proxima S.r.l. which may be visited by the user using links contained in our website.

Ownership and responsibility

The holder of personal data collected via this website, which can be reached at the url, is Proxima S.r.l., Largo Guido Donegani 2 20122 Milano (MI). Furthermore, the personal data can be managed by individuals, within or outside this company, specifically appointed as responsible for management of the personal data ("responsabili" or "incaricati"),. For further details about the names of the appointed managers of the personal data please write to

Discretionary nature of data to be provided

When not otherwise specified, providing personal data is discretionary; in case you do not provide such information some requests may be not processed.

Kinds of data that are gathered and purpose of the management

The main website purpose is to provide information about the activities of Proxima S.r.l. For this reason, in the majority of the cases, we do not foresee any collection of personal data from the user of the website. In some cases, e.g. the "Contact us" or "Work with us" pages, the user may be requested to fill a data collection form in order to make possible or facilitate a personal communication. During the browsing of the website information about the visitor can be acquired in the following ways:

  • Browsing data

    Information technology systems and software procedures that regulate the functionalities of this website acquire, during their activities, some personal data. Trasmission of these data is implicit in the usage of Internet communication protocols. In this category fall: IP addresses, the kind of browser that is being used, the operating system, the domain name and the addresses of the websites from which the website is accessed or exited, the information about the pages the users visit in the website, the time of access, the permanence on a single page, the analysis of the internal browsing path and other parameters that are relative to the operating system and the information technology environment of the user. These data of technical/information technology nature are collected and used exclusively in an aggregated manner and not in a way that can lead to the immediate identification of the user; it might be used to verify responsibility for specific events, like criminal acts towards the website.

  • Cookie

    For what concerns the installation of cookies by this website the reader is invited to read the Cookie policy.

  • Data voluntarily provided by the visitor

    It refers to all the personal data that the visitor provides pursuant to a free choice, e.g., in the act of registering and/or accessing a private area, asking information about a specific product or service via a form, or writing to an email address.

The purpose of the management are the following

  1. purposes strictly related to the preparation and conclusion of offers and contracts or to the implementation of services. Providing personal data for such objectives is mandatory and the failure in providing them can jeopardize the conclusion of offers and contracts or the implementation of services. Within this purpose, data can be subject to statistical elaborations by Proxima and/or be communicated to third parties in compliance to contracts obligations and/or specific regulation for these sectors and the related markets as well as to third parties such as legal consultants, financial consultants, accountants, or external companies operating on behalf of Proxima, as responsible or appointed representatives, for the management of technical and operative tasks functional to the correct execution of contractual obligations;

  2. promotional, commercial and marketing purposes, e.g. sending advertisement, informative and promotional material concerning the services offered by Proxima, carrying out market researches or statistical inquiries, directly or through appointed third parties. The provision of data for these purposes is discretionary and their treatment requires the explicit consent of the involved individual. Denial of consent does not jeopardize the conclusion of offers and contracts and the execution of services;

  3. communication to third parties: via specific consent personal data of the involved individual can be communicated to third parties such as providers, trading companies, companies operating in the marketing sector, market research sector or direct sales, banking and insurance companies, which will be able to treat the data as autonomous owners. Denial of consent does not jeopardize the conclusion of offers and contracts and the execution of contracts for the execution of services;

Trasmission of email to the company

In case a user sends to Proxima electronic notes, the company will acquire some personal data, such as the email address of the user and the contents of the note. These data will be used only to start a mutual communication and will not be communicated, publicized or transferred outside the company.

Request of informative material

The personal data provided by the users in case of submission of requests for informative material (brochures, etc) are used only to carry out the service that is requested and are communicated to third parties only if necessary (service of shipment of the material by parties that perform said instrumental activity on behalf of the company via specific authorization).

Ways of acquisition of the consent (when requested)

In cases of gathering of personal data via this website for purposes that require previous consent of the involved individual (e.g. subsequent promotional activities or profiling), the user will be asked to give specific consent via the selection of corresponding options in the form, according to the Law. In every moment the user will have the possibility to deny the consent to this kind of treatment of personal data in the ways that are indicated in the paragraph "Rights of the Users".

Ways of treatment and storage of data

The treatment of personal data is performed with procedures and electronic tools mainly for the time strictly necessary for the reach the purpose for which the data were gathered.

Location of stored data

The operations related to the web services of this website are located in KPNQwest Italia Spa. Said company provides the management of the server. The personal data are managed only by trained technicians specifically appointed to the task or possibly by individual appointed for occasional maintenance operations.

Safety measures

Specific safety measures are followed in order to avoid losing the data, illicit or incorrect uses and non authorized accesses.

Range of circulation and diffusion of data

Only individuals operating on behalf of the owner specifically appointed as responsible to the treatment have access to the data gathered via this website; those same date are not publicized.

Rights of the Users

The individuals to whom the personal data are related have the right at any time to obtain confirmation of the existence or non existence of this data as well as to know their contents and origin, to ascertain their accuracy or to ask their integration, update or amendment (art. 7 Codice Privacy). According to the same article the individual has the right to ask for cancellation, conversion in anonymous form or block of data managed against the law, as well as to take position, pursuant to the law, against its management. Requests need to be sent to the owner at or else to the physical address Largo Guido Donegani 2, 20122 Milano (MI).

Redirect to external websites

The website may use social media plug-ins. Social plug-ins are tools that allow to incorporate the functionalities of social networks directly in the website. All plug-ins presented in the website are labeled with the logo of the relative social media platform. To obtain information about the purposes, the kind and the ways of gathering, managing, use and storage of personal data by the social media platforms as well as about the ways for the exercise of personal rights, please read the privacy policy of the social networks.

Link to/from third party websites

From this website it is possible to connect via specific links to other websites. Proxima S.r.l. declines all responsibilities regarding the possible management of personal data by third party websites and the management of authentication credentials provided by third parties.

Changes to the policy

This policy regulates the ways of management of personal data provided by the visitors during the browsing of the website. The possible update of the relevant regulation as well as the constant review and update of the services offered to the user could imply changes in the above described policy. For these reasons our policy can be updated from time to time; therefore we invite the user to periodically visit and examine this page. To this end, the policy document brings the date of the last update.

Potential substantial changes to this privacy policy will be notified to the user via publication on the website.

Last update on 16/05/2017