The GSE issued the results of the Second Auctions and Registry rounds of the RES1 decree


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The GSE has issued the results of the second round of competitive auctions, held in compliance with the provisions of the Ministerial Decree of 4 July 2019.

The most relevant auction results are:

  • Group A (new wind plants + PV rooftops): unlike the first auction back in December 2019, the CAP has not been reached, by having only awarded 425 MW (out of the 500 MW available).
  • The discounts recorded were more contained in comparison with the previous session, ranging from -20% (PV) to -2.29% (wind), such as 56 € / MWh and 68.40 € / MWh respectively.
  • The average discount recorded was 8%.
  • The bids for PV projects have increased to 4, but the capacity is still low, for a total of 19.4 MW.
  • Regarding the cumulative bids for the wind turbines, totaling 406 MW, it has been recorded a range of power from a 6 MW plant in the province of Savona, up to a 52 MW plant in the province of Potenza.
  • Most of the plants that have been awarded are located between Puglia, Campania, and Basilicata (I also see in the municipality of Troia).
  • For the Group B (biogas + new hydro), it has been awarded a 2.5 MW hydro-flowing project (out of the 5 MW of the quota) in the province of Udine. During the previous round, there had been no bids for this type of project.
  • For the Group C (renovations): awarded only 15 MW of the 60 MW available, including one plant coming from the year 1928, almost a century ago.

Given the fact that there is a mechanism for the recovery of unallocated capacity, for the next auctions there will be an available additional power to be awarded for new auctions as per the following quota:

• Group A: 75 MW

• Group B: 7.5 MW

• Group C: 83.8 MW

With regards to the registries, both Group A and Group B were saturated and there were discounts recorded with a maximum of 30% on the base rate.

The next action is set to start on May 31st, with results expected to be issued by the end of September 2020.