Who we are

Thanks to a know-how born out of the management of plants of large dimensions, we provide a strategic service of Asset Management for renewable (photovoltaic and wind) energy plants, with a constant monitoring of your portfolio.

We investors and those who plan to invest in energy production plants with our technical, administrative and financial expertise. As a member of Assilea, the Italian Association of Financial Leasing Banks, we also supply consultancy to financial institutions.

Our story

From 2012 to today. A successful history.

  1. We start providing management services to clients in the photovoltaic business thanks to our the solid experience in this industry.

  2. We expand our support and assistance services to the banking sector.

  3. We enter Assilea and thus become a key reference point for leasing firms.

  4. We start furnishing services to wind producers.

  5. We further expand our sphere of influence with the opening of a second office in Foggia.

  6. We are the eight operator in the wind market managing 280 MW.

Proxima's track record in the renewable energy business exceeds 800 MW, thanks to its constantly results-oriented leadership: we have developed more than 40 large plants in Italy, followed through the start-up phase as well as the regular exercise of more than 300 MW from photovoltaic and wind plants. We have also supported the creation of a joint-venture in the hydroelectric sector valued more than 200 million euro.

Proxima team

Our management team can count on more than 50 combined years of experience in the renewable energy sector and holds best-in-class administrative, financial and technical skills. Leading national and international companies such as Eni, Edison, Pirelli, Repower, BKW and Selma BPM have forged the professionalism of our team.


Proxima allows owners, investors and financial institutions to enhance the efficiency of the plants in their portfolio via a thorough and qualified service.

Maurizio Frigerio Proxima

Maurizio Frigerio

Founder and CEO at Proxima

A solid experience in the energy industry and particularly in the renewable sector convinces him to found Proxima in 2012. At the end of 2008 he started the Italian activities of the English fund RenGen. He was previously the Chief Operating Officer of Pirelli Solar Utility

In 2008 he follows personally the start of the operations in Italy of the English fund RenGen, of which he was General Manager. Prior to that he was Chief Operating Officer of Pirelli Solar Utility, where he brought up to construction circa 10 MWp of projects.

Maurizio has been the sole national coordinator of Assolare. His career started as a research fellow at Bocconi University and after experiences in Pirelli and in Edison working of corporate strategy, business development and large hydro project, he is among the founders of Dynameeting, where he assumes the role of Corporate Development Director.

In 2003 Maurizio returns in Pirelli Ambiente, Pirelli division dedicated to renewable energies. He is also ordinary member of the think tank Italia Decide.

Francesco Pede Proxima

Francesco Pede

Founder and CEO at Proxima

Francesco founds Proxima in July 2012, after a significant experience in the energy industry and in renewables in particular. He began his activity in the photovoltaic sector in 2008, working for the english fund RenGen as COO, managing the whole of contracting, project management and operations.

In a previous role in Pirelli Solar Utility he was responsible for EPC Contracting and Energy & Asset Management for all the plants in Italy. Francesco's career began at Snam Rete Gas, the major Italian gas transporter owned by Eni.

He was also in the founding team of Dynameeting, the first Italian company devoted to selling electricity directly to small and medium businesses post-liberation of the Italian electricity market. In Dynameeting Francesco headed the Trading Desk and was also responsible for Regulatory Affairs.